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Cascara, a by-product of coffee processing, is often used as a natural fertilizer to restore nutrients to the soil. When dried and processed, this waste product becomes an income-generator (and a tasty one at that!). Cascara Tea is a loose fruit tea that can be enjoyed hot or cold, brewed, stewed, steeped, infused, or pressed. Coffee fruit is sweet and juicy with a honey like substance surrounding the beans. This natural sweetness comes to life in the tea with fruity, earthy flavor notes of stewed plums, honey and hibiscus.

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  • Cascara Cosmo, Mojito, and Mule

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Our current favorite recipe is simple, subtly sweet, and perfect for cool fall weather.

Spiced Cascara Tea

De la Gente Cascara Tea
  • Bring 2 cups of water infused with 6 heaping table spoons of Cascara Tea to a boil 

  • Once boiling add fresh ginger, cloves, cardamom, & cinnamon to steep for 5-7 minutes

  • Cascara Tea is naturally sweet but we suggest a bit of honey to round out the flavors

  • Enjoy!