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De la Gente Direct Trade Coffee

De la Gente (day lah hen'-tay) means "from the people" & that's exactly what our coffee is.

Great coffee. Direct from farmers. Changing lives.

Through our direct trade model, small-scale coffee producers in Guatemala earn up to 50% more through our vertically integrated supply chain. DLG specialty grade coffee, available in the US, Canada, Guatemala, and the Netherlands (green only), enables producers to earn a dignified income and invest in their future and family.

Join us today in creating a more equitable & inclusive coffee industry.

The De la Gente Difference: De la Gente offers income stability and growth opportunities to coffee producers by signing pre-harvest purchase contracts, which insulate farmers from the volatility of the coffee market and provide better prices. DLG also invests in cooperatives and individual farmers through our training and micro-finance programs.