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Donate Equipment

There are many items that are difficult and expensive to source in Guatemala. If you are planning to make a trip down to our office, we would appreciate any items that you are able to fit in your suitcase! Alternatively, if you're not coming down, but would like to donate items to help De la Gente, get in touch with us and we can arrange alternative ways to transport the equipment. Considering asking family and friends, or your company and colleagues to donate items to help our programs.

In addition to the donation of equipment, we also require funds for the purchase of specific items for our programs. If you are interested in donating any items, please get in touch with us to discuss our current needs.  

Examples of items to donate

Office Equipment:

  • Computers and mice
  • Software
  • Printers (multi-use) and printer cartridges
  • Supplies (all types of paper, pens, pencils, scissors, tape, notebooks, whiteboard markers, folders, paper clips, staples, staplers, etc.)
  • Tape measures

Roastery Equipment:

  • Stainless steel table
  • Tables and chairs for sitting area
  • Sample roaster
  • Thermometer for our current roaster (email about exact model needed)
  • Replacement steel brushes (for cooling tray on current roaster)
  • Spare parts for maintenance of current roaster (email for exact model)
  • Green coffee scale
  • Plastic bagging scoopers
  • Cupping spoons
  • Professional/high-end Burr coffee grinder
  • Cleaning supplies (towels, broom, mop, mop bucket, sanitizer, soaps, small vacuum cleaner with large container barrel)
  • Coffee brewing equipment (French press, mugs, chemed, V60 (pour over), AeroPress)

Household Necessities:

  • Sheet sets (twins and doubles)
  • Towels

Please get in touch with us to discuss our current, or most pressing needs, both for the office and the cooperatives. To make a donation towards the purchase of equipment, you can donate easily and safely online. You can reach us at 617-963-0962 or