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Why host a De la Gente coffee fundraiser?

 Raising money has never been so delicious! Over 60% of Americans drink at least one cup of a coffee a day, therefore holding a coffee fundraiser is a fantastic way to supply your friends and family with their daily caffeine needs while raising funds for your organization or school trip.

With our exceptional, freshly roasted specialty coffee, you can offer a product that delivers benefits to both sides of the cup – great tasting coffee for your friends and up to 250% more money than the farmers would otherwise make.

Top 5 reasons why it’s great to hold a coffee fundraiser:

  • No risk and good profits: Our coffee fundraising program is a pre-sale program that doesn’t require upfront fees or purchases. You will raise around $3 for every bag of coffee sold!
  • Simple: Once you’ve received your order form and information sheet from De la Gente you are ready to go!
  • Roasted to order: We only roast to order to keep our coffee as fresh as possible
  • High quality coffee: We only use the highest quality beans
  • Making a difference: Just through the purchase and sales of our coffee you are helping to change the lives of Guatemalan coffee farmers and their families

How does the De la Gente coffee sale work?

  • Contact us to request a coffee order form
  • Distribute the forms and information amongst your group members, friends, family, colleagues and school
  • Collect their coffee orders and payments
  • Submit the total order to
  • Once your order is paid for it will be shipped and you will receive it within 2 weeks
  • Once you receive your coffee, you can distribute it to your participants (and thank them for their support!)
  • You now have the funds raised from the sale to use for whatever event, trip or purchase your organization is planning

Ready to get started or need more information? Email us at or call us at 617-963-0962.

Coffee Fundraiser Information