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Whether you are purchasing a larger amount of green coffee for your business or a smaller amount to roast at home, De la Gente can help you.

De la Gente offers a variety of green coffee. As a result of the continued success of farmers and their expanded production capacity through land loans and other supports, our coffee volume and offering list increases with each harvest. This growth means we are always looking for new partners.

The foundation of De la Gente is built on developing relationships directly with those that support our mission. We believe in developing long-term relationships that foster producer-consumer engagement and transparency within the supply chain.

Why you should buy De la Gente coffee:

  • We realize that you are judged by the coffee you roast – your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your customers is our first priority.
  • The coffee is grown according to specialty standards and tastes great!
  • We work with the farmers directly to ensure the quality of the coffee
  • We have our own export license, taking the burden off of you.
  • We warehouse the coffee in the US and Canada, allowing for quick shipments, whenever you need your coffee.
  • Our direct trade model allows farmers to receive significantly more than they would through other trade routes. The majority of our non-profit activities are funded through donors and community tourism in Guatemala.

For more information and pricing, please contact us at, via phone at 617-963-0962 (US), +502-7834-0142 (in Guatemala) or via whatsapp: +502-3233-0024.

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