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Association of Small Coffee Farmers (UPC in Spanish)

La Democracia is a town located in the highlands of western Guatemala. While it is situated only 167 miles (269 km) from San Miguel Escobar (the offices of De la Gente), the trip takes at least 7 hours due to road conditions. The members of the cooperative are spread sporadically throughout the mountainous surroundings. Due to the terrain, many coffee plants are situated at inclines that boggle the mind when thinking about the work that must be done during the harvest. Land prices within this region are much lower, allowing for the average farmer to own more land.

The cooperative membership is approximately 50/50 men and women. Some of the coffee harvested and produced by the women is made available separately. Because many men have faced difficulty in finding jobs in Huehuetenango to support their families, many women have stepped up to the challenge. This is a big milestone in a culture that generally values men above women.

  • Varietals: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra and Maragogype
  • Altitude: 4,300-5,600 ft (1,300-1,700 m)
  • Number of members: 124
  • Region: Huehue Highlands
  • Flavor notes: Sweet, a hint of floral and citrus, smooth full-bodied with a chocolate after-note. 

Perhaps the most remote and rough area in Guatemala, this region has proven to constantly deliver great flavor and character. Elevation is noticed immediately as one reaches the city of Huehuetenango. This is an extremely high range of mountains that are nourished by the warm winds that blow from the vast Tehuantepec Plains in Mexico, allowing for great coffee to be nurtured without frost at these elevated altitudes.