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Small Loan Contribution

Despite being one of the most powerful methods of alleviating poverty, access to finance is one of the biggest barriers to business development for small producers. Through a donation to our microfinance program you can invest in the future of individual farmers and support the transformation of entire cooperatives. A donation to our microfinance program has continued impact as it rolls from one farmer, to the next, to the next. Allowing them to invest in land, raw materials, capital equipment or research and development.

Coffee Fruit Loans

The largest need for coffee fruit loans is between October and December when the farmers are preparing for the next year's harvest. By making a coffee fruit loan, you will enable a farmer to purchase and process coffee fruit (coffee cherries like those in the photo to the right) from outside of the cooperative and add considerable value through the production of green or roast coffee. These loans allow existing co-op members to grow their businesses and allow new members to process and sell coffee while they are waiting for their own plants to mature.


Land Loans

Land loan donations are larger contributions that help farmers in the cooperative purchase land. Investment in small business owners, particularly farmers, has proved to be one of the most powerful methods of alleviating poverty. With access to land loans, many of our farmers have significantly increased their land holding. These not only improve household income but also help secure a future for the family's children. Land loans vary from $500-$5000 depending on land prices and availability.

Speak with someone today at 617-963-0962 or email for more information.


Buying Equipment

Whether it is a $500 pulpero to enable a farmer to process raw coffee in their home, a $6,000 coffee roaster to enable a cooperative to begin selling high-value roast coffee within Guatemala, or a $15,000 sorting and processing center to enable a cooperative a professional space to develop the coffee business, making a contribution for the purchase of a new piece of machinery is a fantastic way to assist in the development of our cooperatives.

To donate today or to discuss our cooperatives' current needs, get in touch with our fundraising team by phone at 617-963-0962 or email