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Microfinance Program

Despite being one of the most powerful methods of alleviating poverty, access to finance is one of the biggest barriers to business development for small producers. Through a contribution to our microfinance program you can invest in the future of individual farmers and support the transformation of entire cooperatives.

All microfinancing initiatives support farmers and cooperatives through the purchase of coffee-farming land, coffee-farming equipment, or special initiatives.


Support a Farmer Through a Loan DOnation: 

A DONATION to our microfinance program has continued impact as it rolls from one farmer, to the next, to the next. You can make a contribution of any size ($1 - $5,000) and the funds will stay within DLG’s loan fund indefinitely. They funds will be lent out to farmers or cooperatives for coffee-related financing projects. Your contribution will not necessarily be linked to any one specific individual, but will be used as loan applications come in. Once the farmer pays back his or her loan, the funds will remain in DLG’s loan fund until they are dispersed to a different farmer, and so the cycle continues.

Support our microfinance program


Additionally, you can LOAN DLG a certain amount that can then be tied directly to an individual farmer or cooperative initiative. Loans of this kind are generally between $1,000-$5,000 and will be assigned to an individual who is seeking the amount you have lent. As the lender, you will be notified when your funds have been linked to a specific farmer and that farmer will be aware that the money lent to them has come from a specific donor. You will receive yearly updates and photos of the farmers land, the harvest, and his or her family. Once the farmer has paid back his or her loan in full, you have the option to have the funds returned to you, or you may continue the cycle and lend to another farmer. If your are interested in this type of support, please contact

Investment in small business owners, particularly farmers, has proved to be one of the most powerful methods of alleviating poverty. With access to land loans, many of our farmers have significantly increased their land holding. These not only improve household income but also help secure a future for the family's children. Speak with someone today at 617-963-0962 or email for more information.