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Produce your own handmade lotion

Do you want a one-of-a-kind, true Guatemalan experience all while supporting local communities, interacting with local Guatemalans and getting off the beaten path?

Some of the best memories can be conjured through smells, which is what will happen upon your return home when you your hand-made lotion. Make your own face cream or body lotion with all-natural ingredients in the scent you like most. Best of all, hear Silvia's amazing life story that will move you to tears.

About the workshop:

  • Available any day of the week, except Monday and Thursday mornings
  • Available at 9 am (need 1 day's notice to arrange with Silvia)
  • Lasts approximately 2-3 hours
  • Minimum of 2 people 
  • Workshop costs Q 150/person and includes instruction, tools, materials and your finished product
  • Translation can be provided at an additional cost
  • Workshops start from the plaza of San Miguel Escobar - 10 minutes by taxi or tuk tuk from Antigua. (It's easy to get here! Look at our How to Find Us page for directions.)
  • Call 502-5585-4450 or email

About the artisan: Silvia produces skin care products from all natural ingredients found locally. She makes different lotions, including face, hand, foot and body. Silvia is an amazing woman with an incredibly touching story about her journey in life.

De la Gente offers community tourism as a way to create a real cultural experience by encouraging interaction between visitors and local Guatemalans, as well as to supplement income for the farmers and artisans. While De la Gente takes a small portion of the cost of the workshop to cover administrative costs, the vast majority goes directly to Silvia. All money from the sales of additional products bought from Silvia remains with her. With the additional money from tourism the families are able to invest in education for their children, healthcare for themselves and their family, housing, and nutrition. Community Tourism - Changing Lives

* Please note: for all cancellations less than 24 hours before the tour, we ask that participants pay 50% of the price to compensate the farmer/artisan for his/her time that he/she had scheduled for the tour/workshop. For example, if a tour is scheduled for 9 am the farmer will go to the plaza to wait for the tourists rather than going to his field, which he would typically do around 5 am. By not showing up, you have not only caused a loss of income (from the tour) for the farmer, but you have also caused a loss of productivity for the day. Please be considerate.