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We welcome volunteers to work in San Miguel Escobar in the areas of coffee agriculture, home improvements, appropriate technology or administration. We aim to personalize your experience by matching your background and interests to your specific volunteering goals. Or, if you just want to help and learn about Guatemala, practice some Spanish, and have an amazing travel experience, this is an excellent opportunity!

Volunteers generally work side-by-side with small, independent coffee farmers in every step of the planting, harvesting, and processing of high-quality Arabica coffee. This may involve hiking up to pick fruit or clear land in the fields at the base of Volcan Agua, or working in the family home to process or sort coffee beans. At times, there may be a household improvement project to help with. Work varies depending on the season.

At this time, we accept volunteers through our partner, Máximo Nivel. You can visit their website to learn more about Máximo Latin America. Ask for the agricultural coffee project with De La Gente.