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February 17-24, 2019

San Miguel Escobar
(10 min from Antigua)
and Lake Atitlán,

(including $200 deposit)
$50 early bird discount until October 14, 2018

November 30, 2018

Do you want to gain real perspective on the heart of the specialty coffee industry? Join us for an immersive community-based origin experience that forges direct connections between you and small-holder coffee farmers!

De la Gente’s Origin Trip is designed not only for the newcomers to the industry. Passionate roasters, baristas and all other coffee enthusiasts are welcome! We promise you an insider’s experience rather than another photo-op farm tour. To understand firsthand the hard work that goes into producing high quality coffee you will immerse yourself in a life of a farmer during the harvest season. You will hike to the fields to pick cherries, work at the co-op’s dry mill, try your patience at sorting beans, and roast a few batches for local sales – all of it alongside small-scale specialty coffee producers, members of the Café Artesanal San Miguel cooperative. After work, you will share meals with the farmers and their families in their homes.

Go in, ignore any reservations and just do it. It will open your eyes and broaden your horizons. There’s no easier way to explore coffee with such an outgoing co-op.
— 2017 Trip Participant

This immersive experience is designed to give you a comprehensive and cultural coffee experience through structured, hands-on activities with the flexibility of free time to explore Antigua. You will visit another cooperative at the lake Atitlán to see how differently coffee production can be organized. We will also introduce you to the Guatemalan specialty café scene in Guatmala City so you can meet like-minded coffee professionals and understand the challenges they face.

If you wish, you can take advantage of the opportunity for extended individual travel before or after the trip.

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