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De la Gente coffee is 100% Arabica coffeeshade grown on the slopes of Guatemala's volcanoes and mountains and processed sustainably by hand in small batches. Currently, we are offering roasted coffee online from three of the five cooperatives we are working with: San Miguel Escobar, La Suiza, and Huehuetenango. Each cooperative is located in a different region of Guatemala meaning each coffee has a unique flavor.

In our continuing quest to offer the best and freshest coffee direct from farmers, De la Gente has partnered with Deeper Roots Coffee to roast and fulfill all orders in the US. We believe Deeper Roots will bring the flavor and complexity of our coffee to new heights while letting the flavors that Guatemalan coffee is famous for shine through. All coffee is roasted to order and delivered fresh to your doorstep.

If you'd like to buy coffee for your home, please visit our Shop page. If you have a shop at which you'd like to sell our coffee, please continue reading for more information.

Roasts available and flavor notes:

  • Medium: Our favorite roast, as it is a great expression of the characteristics Guatemalan coffee is famous for. Flavor notes: chocolate, nutty, citrus acidity.  
  • Espresso: Our new espresso is a lighter roast, roasted a little longer (they reduce the temperature slightly to allow for longer roasting times) to allow for some sugar caramelization and boosted body, but not roasted any darker than the medium. Flavor notes: syrupy body, bright citrus acidity, chocolate-nutty tones. This roast is made for use in espresso machines! If you order this ground, it will be ground fine for your machine.
  • Full City: Slightly darker than medium, roasted a little longer to caramelize the sugars and accentuate some darker tones in the coffee. Flavor notes: Cedar blackstrap molasses, dark chocolate, dark fruit, muted citrus-rind acidity.
  • Dark: Roasted slightly longer than our Full City to bring out the deep tones of the coffee, muting the acidity somewhat but not adding any negative carbon-like tones. Flavor notes: tobacco, roasted black cherries, herbaceous, muted but pleasant acidity.
 Les and Jamie from Deeper Roots on a visit to the UPC cooperative in Huehuetenango with De la Gente.

Les and Jamie from Deeper Roots on a visit to the UPC cooperative in Huehuetenango with De la Gente.

Coffee will be roasted on Thursdays, with the weekly order cutoff on Wednesday afternoon. All coffee will be shipped freshly roasted on Thursday afternoons. The espresso, if ordered ground, is ground fine for espresso machines. All other roasts ordered ground will be ground at a standard grind for drip coffee makers.

We are excited about our partnership with Deeper Roots Coffee because we believe it will bring us closer to the highest standards of specialty coffee. Deeper Roots has been a friend of De la Gente from the beginning, and their staff have visited Guatemala multiple times and have met the farmers of many of our partner cooperatives.
Deeper Roots strives for excellence in ethical sourcing and crafting of specialty coffees, and their lead roaster Adam Shaw is top notch, having been in the coffee industry for over 7 years. He has a background in engineering, which helps on the scientific side of what happens to coffee structurally when roasted. Adam takes the definition of coffee geek to a whole new level – which is why we love him.