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ACUPDIC and APCASA Cooperatives


The Association of Farmers United for Peace and Whole Community Development (ACUPDIC) and the Association of Coffee Producers of Santa Anita (APCASA) are located in the San Marcos region of Guatemala. Both of these villages were created following the Guatemalan civil war when ex-guerillas purchased coffee fields as a part of the Peace Accords in the early 1990s. The villages are remote and very difficult to get to, making poverty and food insecurity commonplace. 

In total, there are 126 members in the two cooperatives. The farmers are generally small-holders, owning an average of approximately 5-10 acres of land. All coffee is farmed and processed by hand.

  • Varietals: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra and Catimor
  • Altitude: ACUPDIC is 4,300-6,000 ft (1,300-1,800m), APCASA is 3,500+ ft (1,070 m)
  • Number of members: 126 total
  • Region: San Marcos
  • Flavor notes: Subtle flower notes, distinctive acidity and great body.

The San Marcos Guatemala Region is the warmest of the eight coffee-growing regions and has the highest rainfall pattern, reaching up to 200 inches (5,000 mm) and has humidity levels of 70-80%. The seasonal rains come sooner than in other regions, producing the earliest flowering of the coffee plants. The northern portion of the department is mountainous, being crossed by the Sierra Madre mountain range, with the two highest volcanoes in Central America being located within its borders.