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De la Gente coffee is avialable online only in the US and Canada. All the prices are given in USD.

We roast and ship once a week, on Wednesdays, so orders should be placed by Tuesday at 5pm EST at the latest.

$4 flat rate shipping applies for orders up to 5lbs. Orders of 5lbs and up are shipped free of charge. 

The following roasts are available:

  • Medium: Our favorite roast, as it is a great expression of the characteristics Guatemalan coffee is famous for.
    Flavor notes: chocolate, nutty, citrus acidity
  • Espresso: Our new espresso is a lighter roast. Not any darker than medium, it is roasted a little longer (slightly reducing the temperature in favor of longer roasting times) to allow for some sugar caramelization and boosted body.
    Flavor notes: syrupy body, bright citrus acidity, chocolate-nutty tones.
    This roast is made for use in espresso machines, so the ground is fine!
  • Full City: Slightly darker than medium, roasted a little longer to caramelize the sugars and accentuate some darker tones in the coffee.
    Flavor notes: Cedar blackstrap molasses, dark chocolate, dark fruit, muted citrus-rind acidity.
  • Dark: Roasted slightly longer than full city to bring out the deep tones of the coffee, muting the acidity somewhat but not adding any negative carbon-like tones.
    Flavor notes: tobacco, roasted black cherries, herbaceous, muted but pleasant acidity.