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Make Coffee, Not Trash

Even though the employees of De la Gente live in tranquil Guatemala, we have all led hectic lives around the globe, so we understand the need for the convenience of machines like the Keurig, and even more so, the need for great coffee in the mornings. We don't think you should have to compromise. So, we carry the Ekobrew so you can have great coffee with the convenience you desire,  without harming the environment.

Do you own a Keurig Single Serve Brewer? Ekobrew is the ideal alternative to Keurig K-cups. The patent pending Ekobrew is a reusable filter made specifically for Keurig single cup brewers. There are plenty of reasons to buy an Ekobrew:

  • Freedom of Choice – Now you can drink De la Gente coffee just the way you like it with the convenience of the Keurig.
  • A Greener Alternative - It is estimated that there are over 10 million Keurig machines in households today. Those machines will brew over 5 billion cups of coffee this year alone! Each time you use Ekobrew with your Keurig brewer, there is one less plastic and foil cup to pollute the earth.
  • Freshness - Whether you buy whole bean coffee and grind at home, you can be sure that your coffee is the freshest possible grind.
  • Easy to Use - The Ekobrew was designed for ease of use. Sit the flat bottom on any flat surface, lift the easy open lid, and fill with your favorite drip grind coffee. Snap the lid shut and Ekobrew fits perfectly in most Keurig brewers including the mini. After brewing, lift out of the holster using the heat resistant grips without the risk of getting burned. The smooth crevices in the brew chamber make clean up quick and easy.
  • Save Money - Why pay more? Instead of paying more than 60¢ a cup, you can use your own coffee with Ekobrew in your Keurig and save up to 80%! By using your own coffee, you spend less depending on the price per pound. Your cost is between 10¢ and 20¢, saving you hundreds of dollars a year!

For more information on the effects K-cups have on the environment, read these stories:

**Not Compatible with Keuring B30, B130, B150, & B155.


Sustainable Packaging

As a part of our commitment to the environment, all of our coffee sold through our website is packaged in Biotre Film. It is a combination of renewable, biodegradable materials with accelerated-degradation polymer.

Compared to a standard plastic/foil laminate which is made from 100% non-renewable fossil fuels and not considered biodegradable, Biotre is made from up to 60% by weight of materials that are made from renewable wood pulp and certified to the Industrial Composting norms, EN13432 and ASTM D6400, and to OK Compost's Home Composting Standard. Internal studies in moist, managed home compost have shown a degradation time of 90 days.

The remaining clear polymer makes up 40% of the Biotre package by weight. It is designed to break down in five to ten years in a landfill environment; much more quickly than typical plastics, thus reducing the solid waste impact of Biotre.

Biotre has been verified to effectively preserve and protect coffee.