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Why volunteer with De la Gente?

Our volunteering program creates a hands-on learning experience about life in Guatemala with families of small, independent coffee producers. In turn, volunteers provide support to poverty-reducing, sustainable economic development projects. We strive for a collaborative relationship between volunteers and the families and communities with whom we work. 

Volunteers are considered an important part of the De la Gente team. Our office team is small, so we work full-time on various projects, but we like to have fun too! We personalize the journey as much as possible to ensure volunteers have the best learning experience for their personal or professional goals while enjoying their time in Guatemala.

We offer our volunteers:

  • A chance to learn about a new culture within a framework of international development;
  • A way to build relationships with coffee cooperative members while practicing Spanish;
  • Valuable first-hand knowledge of direct trade practices, specifically about the world's second most traded commodity - coffee! 
  • An amazing time with new friends.

5 ways we support volunteers!

  1. Personalized discussions and guidance from first communication
  2. Ensuring that volunteer goals, experience and knowledge suit a project
  3. Flexible scheduling and support with planning Spanish lessons and other activities
  4. Ensuring volunteer safety and security are top priority
  5. Orientation to project sites


If interested, please send an email to

Volunteer Guidebook

Volunteer FAQs


De La Gente accepts applications for internships at anytime of the year. If you have a particular skill that would be of benefit to DLG’s work, interested applicants should forward a cover letter and resumé to with the subject line “Application for Internship.” The one-page cover letter should include information on past experience, your interest in a position, what you would bring to our team, and what you expect from this opportunity. All internships for a minimum of 2 months are considered.