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De la Gente works with coffee farming communities to create economic opportunity that improves the quality of life for their families and communities.

Ask people in Guatemala what they want most and they won't mention aid or charity. What they want are opportunities - to education, to financing, to build businesses - so they can be self-sufficient and provide for their families. They have the intelligence, drive, and desire to succeed, but lack the specific training, education, and access to markets to sell their products.

De la Gente helps create the access needed to succeed and prosper. By providing the people with whom we work the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools, we are able to work together to create sustainable and profitable businesses with long-term viability. With increased income, they are able to invest in the education, healthcare, housing and nutrition needed for healthy and thriving communities.

De la Gente has three pillars:

  1. Coffee Business: The De la Gente brand of coffee stands for great coffee that has a positive social impact. Our coffee business creates direct connections with buyers and consumers and is a source of improved income for the small-holder farmers we work with.
  2. Cooperative Assistance: De la Gente helps cooperatives build their capacity so that they can be autonomous, democratic and profitable organizations that provide income for their members. Through training and financing, we provide access to the knowledge and resources they need for success.
  3. Community Tourism: Our tours and group trips open up a world of adventure and opportunity and are mutually beneficial for the individuals, the communities and the travelers. De la Gente tours take people beyond mainstream tourism. We want visitors to learn far more about Guatemala, the people, and the culture than they would on conventional tours.



We are honored to present our 2017 Annual Report. It is full of highlights from last year about the wok we are doing and the impact we are creating with your support. 


Our Values

Participation - Sustainability - Transparency

Active participation ensures that the people with whom we work are the ones determining the need to be addressed. It's a partnership that involves both communication and dialogue, in which we work with our partners to craft projects that address their needs. We then work together to determine the most effective solutions and what is possible given funds and resources. Participation is consistent throughout program design, execution, and evaluation.

We believe that our impact must be both economically and environmentally sustainable. To that end, we strive to ensure that all projects are based on sound principles of economic feasibility and environmental respect.

We strive to be transparent and open about our programs, their funding, and their operations with all involved. We believe that a long-lasting, trusting relationship between all stakeholders must be based on a firm adherence to openness. 

The banks in Guatemala require paperwork and high interest rates which we couldn’t have managed. With the cooperative your word is your bond. The cooperative helps us to see the importance of supporting each other, helping everyone to progress together.
— Fredy Gonzalez Vasquez, San Miguel Co-op Member