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We are all coffee drinkers at De la Gente, so we take quality seriously, as do all of the farmers  with whom we work. De la Gente coffee is 100% Arabica coffee, shade grown on the slopes of Guatemala's volcanoes and mountains and processed sustainably by hand in small batches.

Our main coffee available online comes from the Antigua region of Guatemala. Stay tuned for new items as we continue to grow and expand our selection of coffees available online. For coffee nerds and enthusiasts, we recommend trying our medium roasts - which best reflect that quality and flavor of Guatemalan coffee.

You can purchase De la Gente coffee for your enjoyment at home in Guatemala, the United States, Canada and Belize.

If you are in the United States or Canada and would like to buy coffee, please visit our Shop page. If you are in Guatemala, please see the map below:


In Antigua & Guatemala City

In Antigua, you can purchase a bag of De la Gente coffee at Impact Hub, Caoba Farms, Rainbow Cafe, Saberico, Casa Santo Tomas, Maximo Nivel, and Old Town Outfitters, Casa Blanca. In Guatemala City, you can find us at La Casa de Cervantes (not shown on map).