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Support the Women of De La Gente’s
Partner Coffee Cooperatives

De La Gente believes women everywhere should have access to the resources, markets, and knowledge they need for themselves, their businesses, and families to thrive. Our Women’s Loan Fund, founded in 2014, allows women in De La Gente’s partner cooperative to receive small loans to purchase land and to grow and sell their own coffee. These long-term investments lead to higher incomes, benefitting their families and communities.

Donate to the DLG Young Farmers Fund

Valeriana, a young mother of three daughters, received a coffee de-husker through the Women’s Loan Fund. Half of the machine's value was donated by De la Gente and to make it possible for Valeriana to afford the remaining cost, we granted her a loan for the other half which she must pay back within two years.

In addition to loans, De La Gente also supports and encourages women to take part in the cooperative-wide training sessions and workshops hosted throughout the year. Your support will allow De La Gente to offer job specific training and enable access to new markets so women can grow their businesses and complete in the local and international markets.