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Support the De la Gente Women's Fund

Women everywhere should have access to the resources, markets and knowledge they need for them, their businesses and their families to thrive. Through our Women’s Fund, founded in 2014, we issued small loans to three female farmers MartaVirgilia, & Lesbia, to purchase land to grow and sell their own coffee. These investments lead to higher incomes and benefit their families and communities.

Donate to the Women's Fund today

Support De la Gente as we offer job-specific training and enable access to new markets so women can grow their businesses and compete in the local and international markets by donating to our Women's Fund today. 

Now we are able to have a better diet for our children, and for us. Thanks to this opportunity, my children can continue going to school, can continue with their education so they can become professionals, they can go to college and receive their degrees.
— Marta Salazar
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