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Put your sensory skills into action and try your hand on home brewing methods!

Familiarize yourself with the art and science of coffee cupping and brewing! Be prepared to sniff, slurp and ignite your taste buds through a learning experience.


First our coffee expert will guide you through a practice of catación (cupping), explaining how coffee quality is evaluated by professionals. Tasting a variety of DLG coffees you will learn how to identify aromas and flavors with the help of the coffee taster’s flavor wheel. Afterwards comes your chance to become a barista in your own kitchen. With our step-by-step assistance you will prepare your coffee using a variety of brew methods, for example French press, pour over, aeropress and more. See how flavor notes and textures change depending on brewing technique and equipment, and decide which one is for you.

About the workshop:

  • Available any day of the week at 1pm, but we can also arrange the workshop for another hour, at your convenience
  • Can be combined with a Coffee Tour
  • Minimum 1 day's notice needed for us to roast the samples
  • Lasts approximately 2 hours
  • Minimum of 2 people needed
  • Workshop costs Q 150/person or Q 125/person when combined with a Coffee Tour
  • Available in English or Spanish
  • Workshop takes place in the patio of De la Gente's office in San Miguel Escobar - 10 minutes by taxi or tuk tuk from Antigua. (It's easy to get here! Get directions.)
  • To book a workshop call or whatsapp +502-5585-4450 (available from 8am to 8pm), email us at, or click the button below and fill out the form.

Your participation in this experience supports De la Gente's efforts to improve the quality of life of coffee farming communities in Guatemala. A portion of the fee covers the cost of workshop's preparation and the remaining part is invested is other DLG programs, allowing us to further our mission.

* Please note: for all cancellations less than 24 hours before the tour, we ask that participants pay 50% of the price to compensate for the time our coffee expert have spent preparing the workshop (coffee samples are roasted one day in advance). Please be considerate.