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Learning Opportunities

Service Projects

De la Gente has several options for hands-on, sweat-inducing, team-building service projects. We try to meet needs identified by community members, whether that be new drying patios for coffee production, agricultural work, or home repairs. Projects differ throughout the year based on seasonal and community needs.

Workshops and Discussions

Why is it that your morning cup of coffee costs the same as a coffee farmer’s daily wage? What are the root causes of poverty in Guatemala? Why do only 1% of Guatemalans make it to university? We can explore these and many other thought-provoking questions through engaging, eye-opening group activities.

Tours and Workshops


Do you want a one-of-kind, true Guatemalan experience all while supporting local communities, interacting with local people, and getting off the beaten path? De la Gente offers community tourism as a way to create a real cultural experience by encouraging interaction between visitors and local Guatemalans, as well as to supplement income for the farmers and artisans. Our goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of the people who visit us, all while having an impact on the lives of the people and communities with whom we work on a daily basis. We offer the following workshops: woodworking, iron working, huipil or burlap bags/purses, handmade lotions, and a pepian cooking class.

Spanish Classes

We are happy to arrange Spanish classes during your stay. This could take the form of one group lesson at the beginning of the week to review the basics, two or three group lessons or individual practice, or an hour of individual practice each evening.

Independent Studies

Talk to your university about using the trip for an Independent Study, and the potential to receive class credit. Many highly relevant topics could be explored and trips could be customized to more closely examine any of the following:

  • Social Justice / Economic Justice

  • International Development

  • Latin American History / Culture

  • Anthropology / Sociology

  • Mayan History / Culture

  • Economics

  • Spanish Language

  • Non-profit Management

  • Sales / Marketing

  • Community Development / Community Organizing

  • Outdoor Recreation

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