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Preparing for a group

One of the best parts of our work here at De La Gente is when groups come down to work with us, and meet our farmers and artisans. Being able to share what we are doing with fresh eyes always invigorates our efforts. Each group that comes down - whether high school or college students, corporations, or individual families - has a different goal for their experience, and we work hard to tailor their time to their desired outcomes. David works on the itinerary

For this coming week, we have a group coming down from the U.S. The company is called Centro, and they are one of our first big groups from a corporation. The ten employees are spread throughout the company's offices. We will have people from Chicago, New York and more. For them, we are planning an overview of all of our operations. They'll meet some of our coffee farmers, and spend a day with them - seeing much of the process unfold. The group will also spend a morning cooking the traditional Guatemalan dish, known as pepian; construct a house; meet carpenters and iron workers; and more.

All of this requires planning, as you can imagine. Over the past few days, we've been getting all the final pieces in place. Joe has arranged for the interpreters that will accompany the group each day and help bridge the language barrier. Lottie has built out the itinerary framework, and made sure to confirm times and schedules with all of the local people who will be putting the Centro group to work. There are hotel rooms to confirm, dinner reservations to make, airport transfers to arrange and more.

Over the coming days, check in to this blog to see photos and videos as the Centro group's week unfolds. It will all come together to provide a unique and exciting experience - for our guests, as well as us!