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Artisan Market Pop-Up!

Lilian and Lidia are all set up with their bags of roasted peanuts and homemade (and delicious) peanut butter.

Roberto shows off the handcrafted wood-and-glass serving trays and keepsake boxes, with traditional huipil textiles.

On Wednesday night, De la Gente descended upon the Hotel Aurora for a pop-up artisan market. In town this week, and for the next two weeks, are teams of visitors from the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area. All three groups are composed primarily of medical professionals, in Antigua to perform surgeries and other procedures at Hermano Pedro Hospital. Many are accompanied by family members, some of whom are also spending time with us on coffee tours and other visits.

Filiberto, Froilan and Sylvestre, three of our coffee farmers, are ready to sell De la Gente coffee.

For everyone's benefit, we gathered together some of our coffee farmers and many of our artisans to set up a marketplace for the group. Over the course of two hours, they talked to our people, bought many bags of coffee and handmade goods, and learned more about De la Gente.

Both sides enjoyed the opportunity to interact, share stories, and - for the visitors - purchase an item (or two or three) to support our people and enjoy back home. We will return the following two Wednesdays, for the next two groups of Minnesotans coming through. If you're nearby, check it out!

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