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Coffee, Ice Cream and Cookies

We make no secret of our love of coffee here at De la Gente, and we are always in pursuit of new, fun ways to use the excellent product we get from our farmers. For this week's staff meeting, Mindy found the perfect recipe for the hot, sunny days we'd been having: Ice Cream Parlour Mocha Sodas. (Click here for recipe.)

Of course, we had to modify things a bit since we're coffee people first and foremost. Instead of the 4-to-1 ratio of milk to coffee, we went with equal amounts of each. Some people added the club soda to make it like a float, and others kept it more milkshake-like.

It all starts with the coffee...

It all starts with the coffee...

No matter which option was chosen, everyone came out a winner! And it didn't hurt that one of our volunteers brought in homemade cookies. A very tasty staff meeting indeed.