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DLG says thanks
DLG love peace and joy card

Welcome to the official homepage for our #DLGthanks campaign! Here you'll be able to find all of our special #DLGthanks posts, contest information, photos and more. (For all the info about the campaign, check out our home page by clicking here!)

Thanks for all you do to support De la Gente!

If you'd like to donate to DLG between now and holidays, we will send you 10 holiday cards as a thank you. 


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at De la Gente!

Thanksgiving’s #DLGthanks: Lesbia, coffee farmer

Lesbia coffee farmer

"I’m very thankful to the cooperative, for being a part of it. I am thankful for the benefits that working for the cooperative provides for me and my family."
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Wednesday’s #DLGthanks: Les, owner of Deeper Roots, our US coffee roaster

Les owner of Deeper Roots

"I’m thankful for all of the great friends that I get to work with; from our farmers, origin partners (DLG!), my team at Deeper Roots and our fantastic customers.."

Don’t forget this week’s CONTEST! Spread the word to get our Facebook page to 1000 Likes and win some coffee for yourself.

Tuesday’s #DLGthanks: Armando, coffee farmer

Armando coffee farmer

"I am very happy to be a part of the cooperative. I really like doing my work of processing coffee, and am thankful to have so much work."

Don’t forget this week’s CONTEST! See yesterday’s post below for details.


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THREE different people who share this post by the end of the week will win a pound of our coffee. (Can only be shipped to US and Canada, or picked up in Antigua.) Thank you!!

filberto coffee farmer

Monday’s #DLGthanks: Filiberto, coffee farmer

"If I buy a pound of coffee, that benefits the family that I buy it from. With the money I get from a pound of coffee, I can benefit the rest of the community, because I can buy a pound of sugar or a pound of salt. So I am thankful, because then the money gets spread throughout the community."

Friday, November 21 - Gregorio, coffee farmer

gregorio coffee farmer

"I’m thankful to God, who gave me this life. And also gave me the opportunity to work. I also give thanks for my health, and being able to do my work with coffee."

#DLGthanks #dlgcoffee #coffee #guatemala #thanksgiving #thanks

Please spread the word about us and #DLGthanks! Have a great weekend and get ready for a great new contest on Monday!

Thursday, November 20: Keith, from Above Grounds, our exclusive distributor of our coffee in Belize

keith from Above Grounds

"I am thankful for making a living and making a difference at the same time."

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Wednesday, November 19 - Virgilia, coffee farmer

In honor of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we feature one of the three women coffee farmers in our San Miguel cooperative.

virgilia coffee farmer

"First of all, I’m grateful to God because he keeps us alive here on Earth. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to have job and be a member of the cooperative De la Gente. The cooperative has supported us in processing coffee, and that’s something we weren’t able to do before. Without that support, we wouldn’t be able to do anything, and for that I feel grateful for."

Don't forget to post a picture of your (morning) cup of coffee for a chance to win in this week's contest!

Tuesday, November 18: Another contest!


We are thankful to be able to get up each and every morning, here in this wonderful country of Guatemala, and work with amazing coffee farmers and artisans.

For this week’s contest, post a photo of your morning cup of coffee (or any time of day) on any of our social media channels and tag it with #DLGthanks. We will pick one lucky person to receive a free pound of our coffee, to help your mornings start even brighter!

Please spread the word about us and #DLGthanks! Find out more about our Thanksgiving campaign on the main page of this site.

Monday, November 17: Manuel, coffee farmer and head of the San Miguel Cooperative

Manuel coffee farmer and head of San Miguel Coop

"I am very thankful to De la Gente and the cooperative, because it’s very helpful to the whole community and not just the farmers. We are able to help other people, not just in the cooperative but in society. Our work with the cooperative allows us to improve our families - in education, in health. It provides the foundation for what a Guatemalan family needs to survive."

Please spread the word about us and #DLGthanks! Find out more about our Thanksgiving campaign on our website.

Saturday, November 15: Fredy, coffee farmer

fredy coffee farmer

"I feel grateful to belong to the cooperative that is a benefit not just to my family but to the whole community. I’m grateful that we as a cooperative are able to produce our own coffee and provide work for the rest of the community."

Please spread the word to your friends and family about our #DLGthanks campaign!

Friday, November 14: De la Gente


As this week draws to a close, we are excited to announce that we have a brand-new roaster for our U.S. coffee. We are thankful to now be partnered with Deeper Roots Coffee, and believe our work together will provide our US customers with an even better DLG coffee experience than before!

Click here for more info on the change!

Thursday, November 13 - Felix, coffee farmer

Felix coffee farmer

"I work all day at Common Hope, so I employ other people to work on my land during the week. I am grateful to be able to provide work for others."

Don't forget to enter this week's contest for a chance to win a pound of coffee! (See Tuesday's post below for details.) We’d also love it if you would spread the word about us and #DLGthanks!

Wednesday, November 12 - Gabriel, coffee farmer

gabriel coffee farmer

"The first thing I’m grateful for is my family, and to have the kids I have, and to live in Guatemala because it’s a country that has a special climate. Also, the coffee cooperative gives me the opportunity for my kids to have a better education.”

We’d also love it if you would spread the word about us and #DLGthanks!

Tuesday, November 11 - You, our supporters!

CONTEST TIME! Win a free pound of De la Gente coffee!

kettle and coffee bag

For the past week, we’ve been sharing some of what those of us at De la Gente are thankful for at this time of year as part of our #DLGthanks campaign. Now it’s your turn!

Post a message on our Facebook page, or tag us (@dlgcoffee) on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. Tell us what you’re thankful for and be sure to use the hashtag #DLGthanks.

We’d love to see a picture of you, your morning coffee or whatever you might be thankful for. Post between now and Friday, November 14, at 12 pm Guatemala time, and we will pick one lucky winner to receive a free pound of De la Gente coffee! (Must be in US, Canada or Antigua to win.)

Monday, November 10 - Froilan, coffee farmer

Froilan coffee farmer

I feel grateful first and foremost because we have to struggle to find work in the first place. There is a saying, “You reap what you sow,” and so obviously if I plant coffee, I’m going to harvest coffee... So if I sow well, then I get the rewards and end up harvesting a good amount.

Please spread the word about #DLGthanks! Tell your friends, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and be part of the great work going on in Guatemala!

Saturday, November 8 - Andres, coffee farmer

andres coffee farmer

First of all I’m grateful for my health, because every day you get up and go to work and that’s a blessing from God himself. I’m grateful for having the work that I have, so I go up and work in the field and come back. Another thing I’m grateful for is that the harvest season is beginning now, and the cycle has begun again.

#DLGthanks #dlgcoffee #coffee #guatemala #thanksgiving #thanks

Please spread the word about #DLGthanks!

Friday, November 7 - Miguel, coffee farmer and founding member of the cooperative.

miguel coffee farmer

"I’m one of the founding members of the cooperative, and that has led to the progress of the community and our family as well. It gives my kids a better education. We are grateful to De la Gente itself, because our kids are able to go further in their educations. In the past, our kids were only able to get to sixth grade, and didn’t go on. After three years [in the cooperative], we were able to see the results of how it improved the education of our kids."

 Please spread the word about #DLGthanks!

Thursday, November 6 - Timoteo Minas, coffee farmer and one of the original founders of the San Miguel Escobar cooperative.

This year, I am thankful that my kids are getting their education, because it’s a goal for my family. Also, my work in coffee is a part of my life, and it’s important for the survival of my family.

Wednesday, November 5 - Andy Feldman, executive director of De la Gente

I am thankful for the connections that DLG builds across culture, country and language, and that brings us closer together. #DLGthanks