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Seed to Cup Series - Part 4: Packaging & Exporting

If the coffee is being sold locally, it is roasted and weighed, possibly ground, and then packaged and sealed by the farmers. This process is replicated by our contract roasters in the US and Canada for all online sales. We export green coffee to roasters in Belize, Canada and the United States. If the coffee is being exported, once all of it is sorted to specification, it is transferred to GrainPro bags to ensure the quality of the coffee is not at risk during transport or while being stored prior to roasting at its final destination. To ensure the quality of the coffee, we do not export roasted coffee. Each GrainPro bag is then put inside of a burlap sack due to export requirements. Each bag weighs 150 pounds. After the farmers carefully weigh each bag, they are loaded into a container for transport via ship to the US.