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Seed to Cup Series - Part 5: Direct Trade Sales

Despite the fact that coffee is one of the most valuable global industries, small-holder coffee farmers have been economically marginalized and left without the resources to provide for the basic needs of their families. De la Gente reverses that cycle of exclusion by creating an integrated supply chain that stretches all the way from the field to the final sale. Farmers earn the full value of their product with all profits going directly to them, and coffee drinkers get great-tasting coffee direct from the source. Farmers typically earn 40% to 250% more than they would selling their product in the local markets available to them. All of this without increasing the cost of a cup of coffee to the consumer or affecting the taste of the coffee. These extra profits give farmers a chance to provide education for their children, improve housing conditions, supply appropriate nutrition for the whole family and provide healthcare necessary to foster healthy and prosperous lives.

variety of coffee beans