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APCASA receives coffee fruit de-pulper

Thanks to a generous donation from Mike Hatfield of Zion Coffee, the APCASA cooperative in Santa Anita received a much-needed machine called a demucilager, which is used to produce semi-washed coffee. The machine uses very little water compared to other processing techniques, making it very useful in areas where water is in short supply. The machine is also considerably less labor intensive. The demucilager will allow the co-op to process their coffee as a centralized group. APCASA plans to install the machine in their newly constructed bodega, which was financed partly by De la Gente and partly by a Rotary Club.

“This machine is just what we need in order to produce coffee for export,” said Riogoberto Augustin Ramirez.  “We cannot thank Mike enough for his generous donation and support of APCASA.”