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Coffee export on the way to the US

Loading the first container of coffee, one 150-lb sack at a time.

Loading the first container of coffee, one 150-lb sack at a time.

De la Gente’s sales model – selling coffee direct from farmers to consumers – lies at the heart of our ability to enable cooperatives to capture the full value of the coffee they produce. By retaining control of the coffee from producer to sale, we ensure the best quality for our buyers and the best economic benefit for our farmers.

Our goal is to make ordering coffee direct from cooperatives as simple as possible, whether you’re a coffee drinker, roaster, cafe or institution. This past week, we packed up our first container of coffee from this year’s crop. So when all 38,550 lbs arrive in the US, you can order coffee from us just as easily as if we were any other coffee roaster or green coffee importer. Except, of course, we’re not – when you buy from De la Gente, your purchase stretches all the way to the farmers in Guatemala who grew that coffee.

Our first container of coffee has just left Guatemala, and will land in the US at the port of New York/New Jersey, where it will then travel by truck through Chicago on its way to Woodville, WI and arrive around the third week of July. You can follow our posts on Facebook and Twitter to track the shipment. We also expect to package another container this summer to ship at the end of July, so keep looking for updates!