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DLG holds conference with coffee cooperatives

DLG crew

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, in July we held our first ever De la Gente conference. We funded representatives and leaders from all of the cooperatives across Guatemala with whom we work to attend. In the morning, a field training session was held to cover production and processing methods, followed by a strategic planning session in the afternoon. After the meetings at DLG, the representatives attended the National Coffee Conference of Guatemala – where they had the opportunity to meet a variety of coffee industry experts and learn about current issues in the industry such as roya and climate change.

  • 11 community leaders and representatives from 5 cooperatives attended

  • These 11 farmers are the community-elected representatives, representing in total 300 farmers and 1200 community members.

guys harvesting

When DLG empowers these 11 farmers, we are spreading the knowledge far beyond the individual farmer, as the knowledge they gain will be shared and passed on to their community members. The leaders that attended are not only key distributors of knowledge in their communities, but are also the principal decisions makers that effect future successes of their member’s livelihoods.