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DLG coffee used as wedding favors!

Newlywed Sally, shares her motivation for using DLG coffee as part of her wedding...

Luis and I met in Antigua back in 2011. I am originally from the United States, and Luis, better known as Chiky, is from Zacapa, Guatemala. 

In planning for our wedding, we wanted to incorporate both our cultures in as many ways as possible. To represent Guatemala, we decided on authentic Mexican tacos with salsa verde and guacamole (I wasn't about to attempt cooking Pepián), bright flowers, piñatas, and flags for decorations, and Guatemalan coffee for wedding favors.

I remembered a few years ago, when my sister was visiting Chiky and me in Antigua, we went on a coffee tour with De la Gente. It was an amazing experience, hiking up to a coffee farm, picking coffee, visiting a farmer's home to see the drying and sorting process, grinding coffee beans by hand and ending the tour with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. While we couldn't bring this experience to our wedding guests, we could introduce them to the coffee culture in Guatemala with a delicious bag of De la Gente coffee, spreading our love of coffee to others and supporting local coffee farmers in Guatemala.

Thanks DLG for helping make our wedding day perfect!

Luis & Sally Vega