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1st Anniversary Fun

We celebrated our first anniversary in April in a number of ways. The help and support from partners and customers within the last year of DLG continued throughout our celebrations this month. We look forward to many more years as an organization! 

Coffee Tasting Event

We held an event at Rainbow Cafe, a popular restaurant in Antigua, where people could come and taste coffees from San Miguel Escobar, Huehuetenango and La Suiza. We made the coffee in different ways - French Press, Aeropress, Bonavita and cold pressed - and let everyone try each. We were busy making coffee all day and talking with a variety of people. It was a great way to celebrate!

Partner Appreciation Dinner

There was a private dinner for other organizations and businesses that support DLG here in Antigua. It was a casual dinner of traditional Guatemalan food, which was made by some of the farmers' wives. The dinner gave us the opportunity to personally thank the partnering organizations and enjoy some time together.

Coffee Mornings

Since we are located in Guatemala and our individual supporters are spread throughout the world, we wanted to give everyone a chance to celebrate in their own way, which is why we designed the Coffee Morning. Individuals were able to set up their own events, whether at home, work or organization, to help promote DLG. (Sorry, we're a little short on photos from these events.)