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Brew Methods: V60 Pour Over

The Hario V60 pourover is the perfect option for a bright and focused cup. This method allows for complete control over the brewing process, so it’s easy to tweak and change to your liking.



1. Heat water to 201℉

2. Measure your coffee. For a 12oz cup, you’ll need 24g of coffee.

3. Grind your coffee. For a Hario V60, you need a medium grind roughly the size of kosher salt.

4. Place the filter into the Hario V60. Wet the filter using the heated water to get rid of the papery taste.

5. Get rid of rinse water.

6. Add the freshly ground coffee to the filter.

7. Pour 60g of water over the coffee and let it bloom for 45 seconds.

8. After the bloom, slowly pour the remaining 315g of water over the coffee in a circular motion. Try to avoid any light spots, and pour directly onto the dark spots to ensure even extraction.

9. After the coffee is finished brewing, discard the filter.

10. Enjoy!