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DLG participates in Caoba Farms 4th of July market

On July 4th, De La Gente popped up at the local market at Caoba Farms, an organic farm just outside of Antigua proper. We celebrated America’s Independence Day by brewing great coffee for people in the Antigua area. The market itself was red, white, and blue themed - a great way to spend the holiday. Live music, good food, and even better customers made for an amazing day. While there, we provided samples of three different coffees brewed three different ways: La Suiza was brewed with the Bonavita, Huehuetenango was brewed in the French press, and we prepared a cold brew with San Miguel Escobar. Each coffee’s specific tasting profile was brought out in a different way thanks to the brew methods we chose for each, so each sample tasted distinctly unique. Lots of laughter and smiles were shared as we explained what De La Gente stood for. Overall, we had a great time meeting people and serving great coffee for everyone at the market. If you need a DLG coffee fix, come on over to next month’s market at Caoba Farms and say hello!