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Brew Methods: French Press

The French Press is a great option for preparing multiple cups of coffee - sizes go all the way up to 12-cup brewers. The coffee produced is usually heavy and robust, perfect for waking up.



1. Warm up your French Press with hot water heated to 201℉. This gets the press heated so that your drink is even tastier at the end.

2. Measure your coffee. Typically, you’ll want 1 gram of coffee to every 17 grams of water. For our 4-cup French Press, we use 40 grams of coffee to 672 grams of water.

3. Grind your coffee. You’re going to want a pretty coarse grind for the French Press.The size of your grind should roughly resemble small breadcrumbs.

4. Add your freshly-ground coffee to your French Press.

5. Start your timer. Slowly pour 200g of water (heated to 201℉) over the coffee. Let it bloom for 45 seconds. The bloom is an important part of the coffee brewing process, as it’s when the coffee is degassing. You’ll see the coffee rise and bubble as this happens.


6. After 45 seconds, stir the coffee well.

7. Pour the remaining 472g of water over the coffee, and let it brew, placing the top section on the French Press to keep heat from escaping.

8. At 4:00 minutes, slowly plunge down until you reach the bottom.

9. Pour your coffee into cups or pour it into a different carafe. It’s important to get the coffee out of the French Press as soon as it’s done brewing, or else it will continue to brew and turn into a bitter, muddy cup that isn’t very pleasant.

10. Enjoy your coffee!