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Brew Methods: Moka Pot

The Moka Pot, while looking kind of complicated, is actually a relatively simple and fun way to brew coffee. This method provides a very concentrated, rich cup of coffee and is often associated with an espresso.



1. Bring water to a boil, and remove from heat.

2. Measure your coffee. You’ll need 15g of coffee to 160g of water.

3. Grind your coffee. The grind size required by the Moka Pot is roughly the size of espresso (very fine).

4. Fill the bottom of the brewer to the line with the heated water.

5. Put the filter basket into the bottom brewer.

6. Fill the basket with your freshly ground coffee. Use your finger to level the coffee.

7. Screw the top and bottom portion together. The bottom will be hot, so it’s best to use caution (and a mitt) when doing this.

8. Put the Moka Pot over moderate heat. Make sure the lid is open.

9. Watch for the first splutter of coffee - it should be syrupy in consistency and golden-brown in color. (Be careful as sometimes the coffee can spray out the sides. Be ready to close the lid if this happens.) Remove the Moka Pot from heat as soon as the color looks like honey. Cover the bottom part with a damp cloth - this is used to cool down the brewer faster. Cooling down the Moka Pot will ensure that the coffee doesn’t over extract and give a bitter, metallic taste to the coffee.

10. Pour your freshly brewed coffee into mugs and enjoy!