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Gifts That Give Back

Gifts That Give Back - Coffee, Tea, and Hand-Crafted Guatemalan Goods

This holiday season we are excited to share with you our holiday gift bundles. Each bundle was carefully curated in collaboration with four other local social enterprises: Itza Wood, Kakaw Designs, Cacao Junajpu, and Cerámica Mayan-ke. Each enterprise is creating an incredible impact in local communities by developing economic opportunity in Guatemala.

Holiday Bundles are available world-wide! Bundles ship free in the US, $15 for all other countries.

Holiday Bundles are available world-wide! Bundles ship free in the US, $15 for all other countries.

We love the power that coffee and the holidays have to bring people together. Read up on the incredible enterprises we are collaborating with to bring you these beautiful holiday bundles, and then head over to our online shop and enjoy peace of mind knowing that each product is directly supporting Guatemalan communities. 

We have something for everyone: coffee-lovers, tea-lovers, hot chocolate-lovers, moms & dads, grandpas & grandmas, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, best friends, soul mates, your work wife/husband, regular friends, your boss, a favorite professor, your significant other, the in-laws, or a neighbor who is always there when you lock yourself out. Nothing says, "Hey, thanks for being in my life this holiday season" like a bundle of beautiful products that give back to artisans and small producers. You can even add an extra mug to the bundle to make it a perfect gift for all those couples in your life.  

Pre-order Holiday Bundles during the month of November and receive your bundle in early December, arriving in time for the holidays. 

Itza Wood

Located in the heart of the jungle in the region of Petén, Itza Wood is working to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through enterprise, education, and conservation. In their beautiful woodworking shop Itza Wood is creating opportunities for local youth to learn a new trade that will provide them an income by working with certified sustainably sourced local exotic wood. The natural beauty of Petén shows in every product they produce from the hand carved tablespoon scoop to the coffee canister and the coasters.


Kakaw Designs

Kakaw Designs partners with artisans all over Guatemala to create unique handmade leather products that combine repurposed materials and new handwoven textiles. Committed to sustainability and dedicated to empowering traditional weavers and artisans, Kakaw Designs is creating opportunities that bring tradition-filled designs to a global market. The tea towel is the perfect combination of vintage textiles brought to life by colorful hand-embroidered touches using naturally-dyed cotton thread. Two groups of women artisans come together to make these beauties by hand in Guatemala.


Cacao Junajpu

Cacao Junajpu works with cacao growing communities near Suchitepequez, Guatemala to produce 100% organic Mayan Criollo Hot Chocolate that is processed in the traditional way - harvested by hand, fermented in a banana leaf, sun dried, slow roasted, stone ground, and hand mixed this hot chocolate is good for you and good for the world which is why we are pleased to pair it with our coffee bringing you the Coffee y Cacao Bundle.


Cerámica Mayan-ke

Founded in 2004 by 3 local crafts men from San Antonio Palopó Cerámica Mayan-ke's goal is to create a sustainable business that offers local employment for the people of their town. The founders, Pedro Pérez and Matea Cúmex, have grown the hand crafted, hand painted ceramic micro-enterprise into a thriving business that has created job opportunities in their workshop and in their storefront on the shores of Lake Atitlan. Their products stand out for their quality and design. The mugs are perfect for coffee, tea, or hot coco which makes them the perfect holiday gift.


Collaboration is key to achieving success, and we are honored to be working with these four incredible social enterprises who share the same goal as us to create economic opportunity for local communities in Guatemala. Take the stress out of holiday shopping by ordering holiday bundles during our pre-sale. Order during the month of November to receive your bundle(s) in early December.