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6 Reasons to Gift a De la Gente Holiday Bundle

The holiday season is fast approaching, so we've curated the perfect gift sets for your family, friends, and loved ones. Order today, and enjoy knowing that you are giving a gift that everyone is sure to love while doing your part to make this world a better place this holiday season. Still need a little convincing? Check out these 6 reasons to gift a De la Gente Holiday Bundle to your loved ones this year. 

1. Every product creates economic opportunity for local communities in Guatemala.

Talk about giving a gift that gives back: these bundles are creating local jobs in areas where work is hard to come by and many people travel far and wide to find employment throughout the year. Ceramicá Mayan-Ke creates 12 full-time jobs a year in the small town of San Antonio Palopó on the shores of Lake Atitlan. Itza Wood is working towards opening a vocational school in carpentry to provide local boys and girls real skills that they can use to find regular and reliable work.

2. Each product is handcrafted by traditional Guatemalan artisans.

From the DLG Coffee that is carefully grown, harvested, and processed by individual small-holder coffee farmers, to the 2016 ceramic De la Gente Holiday Mug that is handmade in small in-home workshops. The Kakaw Designs Tea Towel up-cycles corte fabric (the beautiful textile fabric that women wear as skirts) and works with women in Sumpango who carefully hand-embroider and crochet the borders to create new value - the perfect combination of celebrating culture and craft of up-cycling while creating something new.

3. All collaborating enterprises have a special focus on environmental conservation.

Guatemala, a.k.a. the Land of Eternal Spring, is incredibly biologically diverse, the flora & fauna here never cease to amaze. However as with most places around the world the natural beauty of Guatemala is under threat from climate change, pollution, population growth, and development. In the heart of the Jungle in the Petén Itza Wood is working with local communities to sustainably source native exotic wood to produce their beautiful products while promoting conservation and education. Kakaw Designs partners with a cooperative of women weavers at Lake Atitlan who use natural plant dyes to color the thread that are used in the embroidery of the Tea-Towels. Cacao Junajpu sources cacao from certified organic producers near Suchitepequez.

4. There is something for everyone!

The bundles offer a wide variety so that you can surely find the perfect gift for that one person who is always impossible to shop for! For tea lovers there is Gua-TEA-mala, for hot chocolate lovers we joined up with Cacao Junajpu to bring you the best spicy mayan hot coco mix ever, and for the coffee lovers in your life you can’t go wrong with the Café y Casa bundle - rich single origin Guatemalan Coffee from our Cooperative in San Miguel Escobar and a beautiful sustainably sourced exotic wood container bore from a single branch and a hand-crafted scoop to measure out the perfect amount of coffee both from Itza Wood.

5. You will have all the beautiful accents you need to set a stunning brunch or tea table. 

Host the perfect dining party with your friends and family and share your newest kitchen goods that are good for society and good for the planet; or better yet, gift a bundle to your foodie friend who loves to cook so they can host the party and you can enjoy the food, drinks, and goods without the stress of cooking and cleaning. 

6. De la Gente Holiday Bundles are available World-Wide!

Yes, you read that right - anyone, anywhere can receive a holiday gift bundle. So if you live in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, Antarctica and have been dreaming about De la Gente Coffee since you visited Guatemala, now's your chance to have coffee and hand-crafted goodies delivered to your doorstep. If your best friend moved to to a far-away land, send her a bundle and share a cup of tea together the next time you Facetime for hours. For those of you in the US, enjoy FREE shipping on your bundles!

So shop with peace of mind, knowing that you have found the perfect gift and to top it off a gift that gives back by creating local jobs and promoting conservation of the environment and culture. We even have a special local Guatemalan pricing for all of our friends and supporters right here at home.

Order a De la Gente Holiday Gift Bundle today, and splurge on yourself or treat your loved ones to gift this holiday season. Bundles are only available during the month of November and will ship directly from Guatemala the first week of December to ensure they arrive in time for the holidays. Order your gift bundles today and enjoy a skip the stress of holiday shopping this year!