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Celebrate International Coffee Day 2016

Today, October 1, 2016 is International Coffee Day! It's the day we celebrate coffee around the world.

To kick this celebration off we thought we'd share some fun coffee facts you can use to blow peoples' socks off at your next trivia night.


  • Coffee is worth over $100 billion world-wide - yes that means coffee is worth more than gold.
  • Coffee is the second highest traded and sought after commodity after oil.
  • Brazil and Vietnam may be the two countries who produce the most amount of coffee in the world – over 4,370,520 tons of coffee last year! But Guatemala and Colombia produce the highest quality coffee in the world!
  • Guatemala produced over 3,400,000 bags weighing 60kg (130lb) each of coffee last year
  • More than 120 million people around the world depend on the coffee industry for their livelihood – That over 7 times the population of Guatemala!
  • Of that 120 million, over 25 million people involved in coffee are farmers.
  • Coffee producers will have to triple their production by 2050 to meet growing demand.
  • The world drinks over 2.25 billion cups of coffee ever day!
  • Coffee plants can live for 70, 80, over 100 years sometimes but coffee's economic life hovers around 30 years and can be further diminished when diseases like roya – or coffee leaf rust – move in.
  • There are 129 different species of coffee have been discovered and identified.
  • Coffee grows in over 50 countries, but 67% of production takes place in Latin America.
  • Coffee grows in the "Bean Belt" between latitudes 25 degrees North and 30 degrees South.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the lighter the roast the higher the caffeine content - also in lighter roasted coffees you can detect more unique aromas and flavors. 


We hope that you learned something new today and enjoyed these coffee facts. If you want to join the movement of supporting the coffee producers this International Coffee Day you can easily do so by purchasing De la Gente Coffee Online. Every direct trade coffee purchase you make creates direct impact in the lives of small-scale coffee producers and their families in Guatemala.

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