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coffee process

Exploring La Suiza and Ija'tz part 2

Exploring La Suiza and Ija'tz part 2

After a quick yet full trip to La Suiza, the DLG team and Chet Sadler from the Sanibel Captiva Rotary traveled to the Ija’tz Cooperative in San Lucas Toliman. Carol, DLG’s Tour Manager and I (Director of Development), traveled early that morning to make it to Ija’tz around lunch time. We spent the afternoon picking Arnulfo’s brain about tourism in San Lucas Toliman. Considering San Lucas is on the shores of Lake Atitlan and is such a beautiful community rich in history and tradition, we wanted to learn more about how we can support the cooperative through Community Tourism.

The Coffee Process

We've broken down the steps of the coffee process so everyone can see all of the work that goes into a single cup of coffee. However, what's missing (or impossible to show) is the difficulty behind this work, the hours that go into each step, the walking to/from the fields every day (which can be up to 2 hours each way), the number of passes on each coffee tree during harvest and on and on and on.