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Green coffee ordering FAQ

1. This all sounds rad. Can I order samples to cup your current offerings?

Yes! We are happy to provide a half pound sample of any of our offerings at no cost, shipping included. If you’d like to order more than half a pound, you can pay just the difference in cost.

green coffee

2. Where do you warehouse your coffee? Is this more complicated than ordering from a regular importer?

We currently warehouse all coffee in Cincinnati, OH (with some coffee available in Canada out of Toronto, ON). Ordering from us is no different from ordering from any other importer – you let us know what coffee you want, and get a contract signed or have it shipped out now.

3. About that – is your coffee all forward booking, or do you also carry spot?

We accept forward bookings, which is the best way to guarantee availability of your desired coffee(s). We also sell on spot whatever we have currently in inventory. Ask us about what we have available.

4. What’s my obligation in signing a contract?

A contract commits you to purchasing an amount of a specific coffee at a given time, and to pay a carriage fee that covers the cost of warehousing and financing. Your contract assures you that we will have your coffee ready for you when you need it.

5. What terms do you offer for payment of invoices?

We offer standard net 30 terms to approved accounts.

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6. I’m not a big roaster – what’s the minimum that I can order from you?

There’s no minimum, and you can order 1 bag if you like! But you’ll save a lot per unit on shipping if you get closer to a full pallet of 10 bags.


7. Speaking of which, how much is shipping?

Shipping cost depends on a number of factors – how full your pallets are, how many you are shipping, distance from the warehouse, whether you are in a residential or commercial area, and if you need a lift-gate. We can get you a quote from our preferred freight broker, and you are also free to use your own carrier if you prefer

8. How can I pay for my coffee?

Checks and ACH transfers are our preferred payment method. You can also pay by credit card, but an additional processing fee may apply.

9. It’s really important for me to tell the story of where coffee comes from. What can you provide me with?

We also love telling the story of coffee and the farmers who work hard to produce it! We can share with you photos and stories of your coffee, and work with you on other materials you might need.

Anything else you'd like to know? Send us your questions via email at, give us a call at 617-963-0962 (US), or message us via whatsapp: +502-3233-0024.