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Are you a roaster or a coffee shop or cafe owner? We highly encourage you take a trip to origin and visit us here in Guatemala. We are always keen to connect with people who share our passion for coffee and to forge direct relationships between you and small-holder coffee producers. Come meet our partner farmers, visit fields of coffee plants, pick some cherries yourself and learn first hand about all aspects of processing!

While in Guatemala:

  • Visit cooperatives in San Miguel Escobar, Santa Anita at San Marcos or Huehuetenango to learn about coffee agriculture and processing.

  • Meet with DLG staff, get to know the organization and our sales model.

  • Share meals with staff and farmers.

  • Cup coffee as well as inspect green coffee from the most recent harvest.

  • And, if you have enough time, volunteer with De la Gente to help out some of the communities or individual farmers.

Check out our Sample Origin Trip Itinerary. The program will be tailored according to your interests and we keep cost accessible - ask for a quote!



“I’d already been to origin in several different countries. Done the farm tours, tasted the cherries, interacted with the farmers. But every time I’d felt like a voyeur. (…) De la Gente seemed like the opportunity to take that one step further. To work in the fields, to taste coffee with the farmers, to learn what methods were being used to improve quality. In short, to participate. And that’s the opportunity that was provided to me. (…)
It definitely changed my views. Allowed me to see a way in which origin trips really can be a two-way street. A sharing of knowledge and a giving back.”
Read David's full account on our blog!

- David Wilson, Vertical Coffee Roasters, Reno, Nevada

Tyler Liedman, True Stone Coffee Roasters, St. Paul, Minnesota

“As a US-based roaster, it can be too easy to forget the many skilled, artisan hands an annual coffee harvest passes through before it even reaches the States. Origin trips - like our visit to the San Miguel Escobar Cooperative in 2015 - are not only an important part of quality control, but a way to gain real perspective on your roll in a much larger process.

That’s why I’m so glad the folks at De La Gente were there to facilitate the experience. They made everything easy, from accommodation in their guest house at the base of the same volcano where the coffee is grown, to farm visits, tastings, and one-on-one time with the farmers.”

- Tyler Liedman, True Stone Coffee Roasters, St. Paul, Minnesota

Rob Hoos, Nossa Familia Coffee, Portland, Oregon

“Working with De La Gente feels exactly like what it is, working with a grassroots organization that cares about its farmers and is focused on improving their lives and their crops. Working with Andy, Mindy, Timo and the whole crew at De la Gente, gave me a glimpse into a group of people excited for creating quality. Their coffees are showing this too. Though this is only our second year working with De la Gente, we see their strides to improve quality and processing, as it shows in the characteristics and scores of their coffees. We are excited to be partnered with them and thrilled to continue that relationship into the future.”

- Rob Hoos, Nossa Familia Coffee, Portland, Oregon

For further details, please contact us at or via phone at 617-963-0962 (US) or at +502-7834-0142 (in Guatemala).


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