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Why should your group work with De la Gente?

Why travel with DLG?

Our goal is to transform people into advocates of social change and people who value the community as a priority when making life decisions. On our trips, you will have:

  • Meaningful interaction with farmers and their families and the chance to build relationships that will last a lifetime

  • Learn eye-opening knowledge of global trade in the current system and what you can do to change it

  • Cultural exchange you can only get by stepping into someone else's shoes

  • Meet new friends, see views unlike any you've ever seen, and enjoy new local cuisine 

  • A week of volunteering for a lifetime of change

You will spend as much time with community members as possible, allowing space for reflection and discussion, and giving people the opportunity to (briefly) experience and appreciate the lives and challenges of small-scale
producers in coffee communities.


Book Now!

We host service learning trips (alternative spring break trips), corporate volunteering and community organization trips. To book your group trip with us, or for more information, contact us at

Competitive Pricing

Eight day trips starting at $900 per person. Customization, additional days, activities, and cooperative visits are available. Custom itineraries and prices will vary.