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Guatemala Coffee

Coffee from our partner cooperatives and farmers in Guatemala, primarily for the US and Canadian markets. We provide green coffee to a diverse set of independent specialty roasters, as well as sell roast coffee directly to consumers via our online store. DLG provides better and more stable prices to farmers, who earn up to 30% more than they would selling through options normally available to them with minimal price fluctuation from year to year.

Whether you're a coffee drinker, roaster, coffee shop, or institution, you can participate and enjoy great coffee that has an impact on the ground. You can buy coffee at our online shop.

De la Gente coffee is 100% arabica coffee, shade-grown on the slopes of Guatemala's volcanoes and mountains and processed sustainably by hand in small batches.

How Our Direct Trade Model Transforms Lives

Despite the fact that coffee is one of the most valuable global industries, the farmers who harvest the world's coffee beans are economically disadvantaged. Farmers work hard planting, cultivating, and harvesting coffee, yet they receive very little for their harvest when it comes time to sell. This leaves their families and communities unable to provide basic education, housing, nutrition, and healthcare necessary to foster healthy and prosperous lives.

Coffee Farmer and her kids

We set out to change that. In order to eradicate the marginalization of farmers, we have created an integrated international supply chain that links farmers directly with consumers and extends all the way from the field to the final sale. We partner with cooperatives that produce great coffee but lack the ability to reap the rewards of the (literal!) fruits of their labor. We facilitate the sale of their coffee directly to consumers and roasters in a number of countries.

In doing so, we have created benefits for all. Consumers win because they get great tasting coffee at affordable prices, as well as the knowledge that they are treating farmers fairly. Coffeehouses win because they can offer great coffee to their customers along with the story of how they are part of the solution. Farmers win because they earn a better income from the coffee that enables them to support their families and communities.

Generally, farmers earn up to 30% more than they would selling their product in the local markets available to them, and can count on stability in prices from year to year. These extra profits give farmers a chance to achieve what they had previously only dreamed of - investing in their families for a brighter and more prosperous future.

For more information and pricing, please contact us at, via phone at 617-963-0962 (US), +502-7834-0142 (Guatemala) or via whatsapp: +502-3233-0024.