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Cooperative Assistance

De la Gente’s mission is to create economic opportunity for coffee-producing communities.


We envision a coffee industry that is equitable and inclusive, that enables small-holder farmers to earn a dignified income and live prosperous lives, that facilitates authentic relationships between coffee producers and buyers, and that meets economic, social and environmental needs of everyone involved.

Areas of work

De la Gente has three major programs:

Tourist roasting coffee the traditional way.

Tourist roasting coffee the traditional way.

  1. Coffee Business: We commercialize coffee from our partner cooperatives, providing improved market access for farmers while delivering a high quality product to roasters and consumers. DLG offers better and more stable prices to farmers. Read more about our sales model.

  2. Cooperative Assistance: We work to build the capacity of our partner co-ops to be successful farmer-run organizations that deliver economic benefits for their members and invest in continued improvement of their individual and collective abilities.

  3. Community Tourism: Our community tourism experiences welcome visitors to local communities and open up a world of adventure, immersive learning, and cultural exchange, while giving back to hosts. They are also a source of better and more consistent income for farmers and other partners.