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What's Included

De la Gente will work directly with you to construct the trip you desire. The total price will depend on the options selected and will include accommodations of your choice, all structured activities, transport, translation, and meals.


Accommodations are included as a part of the group trips. There are 2 options—our guesthouse or home-stays with cooperative members. Rooms and bathrooms will be shared. Sheets and towels are provided with either option.

The Guesthouse

Our guesthouse is located in San Miguel Escobar across the street from our offices. It has 9 bedrooms that can accommodate a maximum of 30 guests, 4 bathrooms with showers (and hot water!), a full kitchen, washer, drinking water, wireless internet, living area, and garden. The guesthouse is an excellent location for group activities, such as discussions, reflections, or game nights. The house is very secure and in a quiet neighborhood within walking distance of small shops, laundry services, and several restaurants.


We also offer the opportunity for groups to stay in the homes of various farmers. Most homes can host 3-6 guests. This is an excellent option for groups hoping to brush up on their Spanish and truly experience life in Guatemala. Guests who choose this option still have access to the guesthouse as a meeting area.


We will provide the group leaders with a Guatemalan cell phone. Wireless internet is available at the house, though of course, we encourage participants to focus on their experience in Guatemala rather than on their Facebook newsfeed. There are internet cafes available in Antigua as well.


All transportation listed on the itinerary is included, including to and from the Guatemala City airport. Travel to Guatemala, not included, will be by air to Guatemala City Aurora Airport. The shuttle from the airport to San Miguel Escobar takes about 1 hour under good conditions. Travel within the country will be by private shuttle and the public "chicken" buses. Some activities, by their nature, require significant walking time. Taxis are readily available for private transportation during unstructured time. We are happy to arrange travel for groups or individuals.


A guide and translator will accompany the team during all organized activities and meals. The guide will meet the team at the airport and if necessary, will be available throughout the tour for additional assistance.

Pharmacies are very common in the area and most medicines are readily available. Should anyone require a medical visit, we will provide all support possible, including transportation and translation. 


All meals, with the exception of lunch on the free day, are covered in the cost of the trip. For those staying in the guesthouse, breakfast is prepared each morning by the wife of one of the coffee cooperative members. For those staying with families, breakfast is provided by the family. Most lunches and dinners are shared with farmers in their own homes. Typical meals include chicken, rice, tortillas and lemonade. Vegetarian options are always available. Additionally, you have the option to do a market scavenger hunt, in which case you would cook your own dinner that night back at the guesthouse. Purified water is available in most restaurants and is used at the farmer's houses for the group meals.

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