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De la Gente Young Farmers Fund

Formed in 2017, the Segunda Generación, or Second Generation, of coffee farmers from San Miguel Escobar features 21 young men and women who want to follow in their parents and grandparents footsteps in keeping the coffee industry alive and thriving in the Antigua region of Guatemala. Many of these young farmers own little or no farming land at all, mostly working on land owned by their parents.


That’s why we are creating the De la Gente Young Farmers Fund – to be able to provide these motivated young people with access to low-interest financing so they can grow their businesses and support their growing families. 

Donate to the DLG Young Farmers Fund

Julia is just one member of the Segunda Generación. She began her adventure with coffee at the age of 9 or 10. She and her siblings would play among the coffee plants at a nearby farm as her mother picked ripe coffee cherries. Learning from their experiences at the farm, her father Gregorio then planted the first coffee trees in their family to better handle the household’s income volatility. Embracing this new adventure, Gregorio included their children in the process, by teaching them how to plant seeds, harvest, sort the near-perfect beans for export, and most importantly, instilled the value of hard work in this children from a young age.

I used to wonder why all these foreigners were coming to taste our coffee. I was asking myself why there were finding it so special and I wanted to learn it as well. Because when you dedicate yourself to processing, among all the tasks that need to be completed, you sometimes lose this part. And I only knew the coffee I was preparing at home. But then I started going to Antigua and I could see all these cappuccinos, espressos, latte art... So whenever I had some savings, I was going to try them. And yes, it felt great to taste a cup and know the grand process hidden behind it.
— Julia on her favorite part of coffee production

Julia and her peers do not own the quantity of land necessary to make coffee farming a sustainable income for their families. Your donation will help create the Young Farmers Fund in collaboration with our supporters: Nossa Familia Coffee, New Seasons Market, Hopworks, and the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica.

Donate to the DLG Young Farmers Fund

De la Gente will convert your donation into low-interest loans specifically for the members of the Segunda Generación so they may purchase coffee farming land. At 3% interest annually, these affordable loans will give a leg up to these young farmers who envision a bright and strong future through coffee farming.