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Experience the culture of Guatemala on an authentic local tour

Our tours welcome visitors to local communities and open up a world of adventure, immersion, and exchange while creating economic opportunities by supplementing family income. Through spending time with local Guatemalans and hearing their stories, guests learn about the culture of Guatemala and experience the human side of the often faceless coffee industry, while creating connections that span cultural, linguistic, and national barriers. 

Check out the tours we offer around Antigua, Guatemala

De la Gente has created a truly educational experience for travellers with a conscience.
— Tourist - TripAdvisor Comment
I highly recommend the De la Gente artisan and coffee tours while visiting Antigua if you want to meet the locals and get an idea of how the local coffee co-op farmer lives and operates and how an artisan makes a living in Guatemala.
— Tourist - TripAdvisor Comment


To book a coffee tour or workshop, you can:

  1. Call or whatsapp us at +502-5585-4450 (we are available from 8am to 8pm)

  2. Email us at

  3. Click the button below and fill out the inquiry form

* Please note: for all cancellations less than 24 hours before the tour, we ask that participants pay 50% of the price to compensate the farmer/artisan for his/her time that he/she had scheduled for the tour/workshop. For example, if a tour is scheduled for 9 am the farmer will go to the plaza to wait for the tourists rather than going to his field, which he would typically do around 5 am. By not showing up, you have not only caused a loss of income (from the tour) for the farmer, but you have also caused a loss of productivity for the day. Please be considerate.