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Cook pepian and tortillas the traditional way

Do you want a one-of-a-kind, authentic Guatemalan experience that supports local communities, guided by local Guatemalans while getting off the beaten path?

I think it was a great cultural experience from meeting our host to walking to her home and helping to make Pepian. Most people from the USA never get this type of opportunity BUT, I would highly recommend it!
— Tourist - TripAdvisor Comment
It was fantastic and very authentic! The class takes place at a family’s home so you are able to see how they live. We cooked the whole meal over a fire. We were even able to make the tortillas. We ate the meal with the family which was a true highlight.
— Tourist - TripAdvisor Comment

De la Gente offers community tourism as a way to create a real cultural experience by encouraging interaction between visitors and local Guatemalans, as well as to supplement income for the farmers and artisans. While De la Gente takes a small portion of the cost of the workshop to cover administrative costs, the vast majority goes directly to the family. With the additional money from tourism the families are able to invest in education for their children, healthcare for themselves and their family, housing, and nutrition. Community Tourism - Changing Lives

* Please note: for all cancellations less than 24 hours before the tour, we ask that participants pay 50% of the price to compensate the farmer/artisan for his/her time that he/she had scheduled for the tour/workshop. For example, if a tour is scheduled for 9 am the farmer will go to the plaza to wait for the tourists rather than going to his field, which he would typically do around 5 am. By not showing up, you have not only caused a loss of income (from the tour) for the farmer, but you have also caused a loss of productivity for the day. Please be considerate.